"Hidupku Kini Berubah Setelah Jatuh Cinta Pandang Pertama Dengan SOPHIEPARIS MALAYSIA. Hanya RM15 Keahlian Seumur Hidup. Merubah Segala-galanya. Tak Perlu Modal Beribu Riban. Ada berani!!! Tak Percaya??? Jom Join Team SophieParis IbuCute Putra Sekarang Jugak.....!!! "BISNES SOPHIE SAPA BUAT DIA DAPAT ,BUKAN ANDA BUAT ,ORANG ATAS KAYA " SISTEM YG SGT ADIL ,XBUAT KEJE XDE INCOME " INCOME PELBAGAI JENIS JIKA ANDA TAHU REBUT PELUANG " "

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hanya RM15 Sahaja!!!

Hello To All Fashionistas !!

Assalammualaikum n Salam 1Malaysia

Dont be left out.. Sophie Paris has finally landed in Malaysia.

Membership is at RM 15 ONLY.

Be the first ones to join this FANTASTIC FUN, FASHION and BUSINESS. Get the feel of the real french designs at Affordable price. They are trendy, fashionable and lovely... Get something nice  for you or someone you care a gift..all at affordable price.

BE a MEMBER and you will get 20% off the retail price imemdiately.. WOW !!! that's great.

Not only that, if you want to make this as your business platform to GROW... then you are at the right place

                  " MY FASHION, MY BUSINESS"  !

There are 6 tiers of income generating all at your call to MAKE IT BIG !!! Just go through my pages to check out the intersting and fun pages. You need more info... CONTACT US THEN. What are you waiting for...

For more details please contact : 
IbuCute (Hasnita) 011-15795175/019-3695579

Find me at FB : IbuCute Paradise

You can also register on line and we will send you the starter kit....and then you can start ordering... online too.

 Why wait ? come join us and we can grow together !
Opportunity knocks at the right time..up to us to open the door.

Have a great day !

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